Letters at Christmastime

I love my mailbox at Christmas. The cards from friends with pictures that will live on my photo wall all year. Happy families and notes with good wishes from those who have taken the trouble to find out my mailing address.

I'm terrible at sending cards, so for those who actually have the guts and tenacity to brave the post office on my behalf, I have an enormous amount of respect and thankfulness. I love seeing the pictures and reading the letters of your family doings. I have rarely taken the time to return the gracious act, but I am truly grateful. 

This year, I am going to send out a special Christmas letter and do a small Christmas giveaway. Please sign up for my
email update list in order to receive your letter next week. 

I was skeptical about signing up for email updates myself at first, but I have truly loved communicating this way over the past few months. A letter is more personal and interesting than a blog post, and I have loved the little community that has gathered around over this past year who are friends, family, and like-minded art and story lovers. 

Throughout the year I'll be perodically sharing studio and work updates, Etsy shop info, and giving early information on new work and exclusive content. Promise I won't spam your inbox. Let's keep in touch!