In the past months, I have applied for far more than 100 job openings. Some are a typical shot-in-the-dark cold application, but for many, I've put in a lot of time and attention researching, developing, and imagining myself doing the work I've applied for. It takes a lot of energy to fully engage in the application process, and it never fails to be disappointing when it doesn't work out. 

For some applications, I actually developed a few photo essays using exposure.co .

This is a great social storytelling medium, and I love its community and possibilities. There are some amazing artists out there telling great stories through it. You get three exposures for free, so I had to carefully limit the subject matter when selecting my three essay topics.

It turned out that my three essays reflect three core areas of my life: hospitality, exploration, and creativity.

I don't know where my working life will take me--it's getting difficult to see past next week. But choosing three areas that matter greatly to me has been a good excercise.

Click the link to review my essays and check out the Exposure possibilities for yourself?