On being a grown-up

I always have to start typing, stop, and change the font to Helvetica in Blogger. I can't think in Times New Roman. This has nothing to do with On Being a Grownup. Or it might...I don't know. 

It is 10:09 pm, and I've just gotten home from the office. Or rather, I got home at 9:15pm, took out some trash, washed some dishes, put a lot more dishes in the dishwasher, started a load of laundry, wiped down the kitchen countertops, wiped down the stove, wiped down the fridge, cleaned a lot of stinky old food out of the fridge, brought out another bag of garbage, made my current go-to dinner of Trader Joes frozen Naan (2 minutes in the oven at 400,) and Madras Lentils (2 minutes in the microwave), and finally sat down at my laptop.

I have a number of things to do before I hit the hay. I need to look at the flight  times for my flights over the long weekend. I need to pay some bills. I need to put my new license tabs on my plates before I get a ticket in the city parking garage tomorrow. I need to finish laundry.

I need to do some paperwork for my volunteer work with a small youth ministry in the county. I help to run 3 catering events for them every year, but this spring I've got a family wedding on the date, so I'm trying to do a good job of transferring every tiny detail in my brain to a team of new (but fabulous) folks, and prep them as best as possible for the madness that is managing a team of 12-18 year olds, impressing the Health department, and not giving food poisoning to the population of the event.

Other things on my mind are yardwork, the fact that the downstairs bathroom faucet and the upstairs bathroom toilet seat need minor repairs, and the fridge has been whining loudly. My car has taken to showing a "COOLANT" code every few days, although last time I got my oil changed the mechanic said the coolant was fine (so now, take it back to the same mechanic, since he sort of owes me an explanation, or find a new mechanic?). I have an old TV to bring to Goodwill, and my car trunk is full of clothes I've been meaning to bring to the consignment store.

No one but me has to think about handling or helping to handle any of those things...sometimes that is totally scary. I make plenty of mistakes in every day life, it's scary to think that I have no backup in my health, finances, home care, and work. 

I don't have anything smart to say tonight. Being a grown up is scary. That's it.