Thursday Lyric: Welcome by Hey Rosetta!

You'll be a bright light coming out of the dark 
All the doctors blinking hard 
You'll be lightning coming out of the storm 
It's a message, it's a miracle 

 You'll do all right 
You've got your mother's eyes 
You've got your daddy's head 
Everything you need 
 For this hard ride 

They'll be strapping you on 
All the ups and downs and you can't get off 
Yes, trouble we're handing off 
And you've got to do better than us 

It'll be all right 
You've got lots of time 
Got your daddy's love 
Everything you want I can feel you and what you're gonna be 

You'll be stronger, you'll be smarter than me 
Oh baby, I'll say it again 
You're the most incredible thing 

 Sorry, this is it 
It's cold and hard and badly lit 
And there's no backing out of it 
So forget where you've been 
It'll never be that good again 

And we must only look ahead 
Soon you're thirty three 
And everything you tried to be 
Is pulled apart by fear and greed 

 Let young hands build you up 
And carve your face in honest rock 
With sunlight on your noble jaw 
May young hands build you up 

I'm happy that you've come along 
I'm happy that you've come, I
'm happy that you've come 

 Oh baby, I'll say it again 
I'll say it again, 
I'll say it 
You're the most incredible thing