Sometimes I feel that I've had more than my fair share of photography sessions, although several weddings took place before facebook and indeed, digital photos at all. Thank goodness is my first thought, when I remember my skinned-back hair and the one dress that made me look about as shapely as Olive Oyl.

It's been a wild and beautiful few years of standing up with dear friends on their special days, collecting lovely dresses and fabulous shoes, and learning how to just be (sometimes more successfully than others) with people in the midst of stressful and joyful days. 

All told, I've been in 7 wedding parties, and have helped in various ways with myriad others. There will be more weddings with the years to come. Some days, I swear off weddings, vowing to say no next time, to refuse to plan the showers, to stop getting excited about decorations, handmade gifts, dresses (and more importantly, shoes) and all the little accessories.

Here's a little review of the weddings I've been so blessed to be a part of over the past four years.

There will always be celebration. And there is hope in that.

(p.s. my friend Juliann is a fantastic wedding photographer. She took the recent photos of Jessi and Josh's wedding. Check out more photos from the wedding here.

2012- Jessi- day full of SWEETness.

2011- Sarah R.- so we laughed a lot this day, too.

2010- Sarah G. -so we giggled a lot.
2009-Luz and Cole-set design
2008- Steffi -1.) double ear infection 2.) more makeup
than I would have put on at age 4 with free range of my mom's makeup cupboard.