Altogether, grace must govern. {Bonhoeffer}

Strong and weak, 
wise and foolish, 
gifted or ungifted, 
pious or impious, 

People bound by faith
are not--never should have been--
incentives for talking 
and judging 
and condemning, 
and thus excuses 
for self-justification. 

People are rather 
cause for rejoicing 
and incentive for serving.

To live--altogether--not for self-justification 
in its need for domination and force, 
but justification by grace, 
and therefore service, 
must govern. 

Once you know the mercy of God
your desire will be only to serve up gigantic helpings of mercy. 

The proud throne of the judge no longer tempting; 
You'll gladly build home with the lowly and the needy, 
because that is where God found you.

--words from Bonhoeffer, Life Together, paraphrasing mine.