I picked the first raspberries of the season from the patch in my parents' backyard last week.

P6240109.ORFThe berries are gorgeous and delicious. I love that we can grow so many berries here in the northwest.

Incidentally, you can actually see my left-hand index finger in this picture, and you can see that it has returned to it's former finger-shape, for the most part. I was in doubt for a long while.

The scar across the fingerpad that is visible here is the mark of the deepest cut that went 1/3 through the bone. 

I can now pick berries and do most other activities, such as typing, and I have full movement of the finger joint. It's still a little oddly shaped from the dorsal side--the scars are still tighter on that side so the fingertip looks narrower somehow. And also the cut that went through the dorsal side whipped through the nailbed, so now that my fingernail is grown out by 3/4 of an inch the nail with its own mirror-image cut is grown out. I use superglue to keep the nail together until it grows all the way out, but the cut nail shows me a "calendar" of how much time has passed since the injury. 3/4 inch...4 1/2 months.

Nerve tingles still happen, and the very tip is still numb, for the most part. People tell me it can take a year or more to redevelop those nerves. So sometimes I still get off-center on the keyboard because I cannot feel the little bump that tells me where "home" is. 

I hit the caps key instead of "A", and suddenly I'm typing strings of nonsense.

Funny how just being one key off can result in nonsense.