We had a bit of snow out here

A bit of a snow and ice storm came to town few weeks ago. I walked home and to work twice...over two miles in 15-degree weather, fully convincing myself that the reason I don't walk in regular weather is not the time involved, but the fact that the walk is boring.

In a snow-scape, there are delightful surprises everywhere. The structure of plants, buildings, roads, even sidewalks and other ugly and commonplace objects is changed. Of course, I'm saying nothing new...but isn't it funny how we notice it all differently with each first snow?

Before we got the main force of snow near my house (inconveniently, all on weekdays), I rambled out to the north side of our big lake to try and find some pictures. Out in the woods, there was plenty of our pacific green peeking through the snow still. 

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