The other half

I love the need in me
the hungers of peace.
the appetites for hope, joy, rest, love (still, love. always, love.)
and cheese.

I love the things withheld, that make me dream
for more.

I love the broken spirit raging at injustice.
I love the restlessness, the looking for a home.
I love the need in me, the need I have, for 

I am not a slave to television, lazy evenings, 
naptimes, tee times, family time, long division, 
game nights, white nights, teething nights, christmas presents.

No, my schedule's open. 

Fill it with your emptinesses, 
your gaping holes, 
your needs, 
your messes. 

I am half; give me busyness;
fill me up. Let me carry your extra load, 
teach your children, 
tend your gardens. 

I am half of one; the other half you're taking.