Love Will Best Judge

By plan and deed and word and time
I tell you “I love”, I LOVE! 
The word echoes, trembles, grows,
And lives and carries on
Returning kinder, greater and more infinite love,
Abundance of the loaves and fishes.
I have seen it, that joy-driven response
Not diseased obligation, but
Fair, redolent of all thanksgiving.

Deed follows heart; mouth echoes mind, so
the heart and mind of fear withdraws, silent.
But Love will best judge how I have been loved
By my people, by my God.
Still must I love and begin the song
Let me love my friends,
Love in deed, love with time, 
love in word, love to ring the echoed joy,
And all manner of things shall be well.


sara said…
I love your poetry so much. this made my heart glad.