Friday, September 23, 2011

"What is essential is invisible to the eye." (Part 1)

I may have posted this video, called "The Way Paintings Go" a few posts back. And on Pinterest. And on Twitter. and I may have contributed significant views to it ever since Shannon Newby showed it at the Wax and Wane retreat this spring.

It is fascinating to see the layers build, and to think this happens in all forms of painting. Surface is built, obscured, rebuilt, pulled away, rediscovered. It is layers of material that transform into something different--a 2-D image that communicates ideas. But to go one step further and turn that painting into a 3-D sculpture...laughable. Fascinating. Brilliant, but simple. Fun! 

It makes you want to play, to discover. So I had to try it. Here is the painting after I finished building the layers, perhaps 30 layers of colored and fused wax on a plywood board. Tomorrow, I'll show you what became of it! Suspense!

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