Playing with light

Though the poetry is dark right now, 


there are beautiful moments, too. 

I am exploring what beeswax can do. I play with silver-leafing a lot these days, and ashes, and fabric. These poppy pods are beautiful to begin with, dried and bone-colored. But dipped in golden wax and silver leafed, they look otherworldly. 

The cheesecloth netting I found for 50 cents on sale as the end of a roll also transforms when dipped in the wax, becoming malleable, stretchable. I molded it gently into this little cocoon basket, like a nest with the poppy pods nestled like fragile eggs.

Living circumstances have allowed for a new work space. A large, light room, instead of the old, dark room-too-small-to-be-a-legal-bedroom. I feel lucky beyond words, slightly guilty about it, and somewhat determined to make it worthwhile.