I intended, from my last post to put up the pictures of what that thick surface of wax became. I will post those pictures soon, but my sister absconded with the usb compaqflash reader for a few days.

In the interim, for anyone who still reads this blog in spite of my fitful participation, just want to remind you all of the upcoming deadline for a project that I love very much, The Sketchbook Project, from Arthouse Cooperative and the Brooklyn Art Library! 

This collaborative project is so much fun to participate in...something like creating an elaborate message in a bottle that is then archived and made available in Brooklyn's art library should you ever want to visit!

I can't recommend participating strongly enough...if you are interested in exploring art, drawing, collaging, or any form of exploring visually (for heaven's sake you could stick a piece of gum on each page and call it "all used up" if you want to!), sign up! you have until January 31 to complete your book and mail it in. Then it goes on tour, and eventually is archived into the library!

You don't have to be any kind of professional artist to participate, and you can even sign up with a group of people, a class, a small group or just pass the book around to a bunch of friends!

Like any good collaboration, it's the community that makes it fun. Check out the arthouse website link and explore many of the wonderful artists and their work featured there.

Last year, having never completed a sketchbook in my life, I realized the very valuable lesson that the inspiration more often comes while I'm working than before, kicking off a journey of writing and working more regularly, slowly reclaiming discipline in my life about artistic habits. 

Try it out and let me know what you learn!


Jessi said…
despite "fitful participation", i love reading your thoughts and poetry, and seeing your art. Keep blogging!