Wax and Wane Photos

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Studioview to the snowy woods from my workspacework in progressPaletteOur instructors
two of my pieceswip?cathedralcollage workshop_3260584.ORFVocabulary
surface of fused waxunfinished piece.sculpting/painting_3260579.ORFexperiments

Wax and Wane, a set on Flickr.
I promised I would share some thoughts from my Encaustic Retreat weekend. I am still composing my series of posts, but here are some photos from the weekend. Also, a poetry-prose-process post recently went up on Silhouette as a sort of sensory description about what the encaustic process embodies for me. Rich in metaphor and sense, the technique is a precious as the final product. I've finished a few pieces I started at the retreat and worked on a few new ones to gain experience and control with the medium.