Morning Coffee

I love coffee. 

When my sister and I bought our house, we moved in with my grandmother's old corelle-ware (in Harvest Gold) and three very good copper-bottomed pots inherited from her. With a gift card from our fantastic realtor, we were able to buy a set of really good knives. Other than that, we have cobbled together our kitchen with pieces from the likes of Ikea and a few key gifts from our parents. Roommates have filled in the gaps with their things.

So it was an absolutely lovely surprise when I won a prize drawing at a local store over Christmas last year. I went into the store on the day and was told to draw a number. I joined the crowd of lucky winners around a large, stainless steel rolling shelf piled with products, ranging in value from $20 to $120, but the first prize was a Kitchenaid mixer (which went to someone who already had one, as per usual with these things). I tried to settle on my order of preferences --If the wine glasses are gone, I'll take the big pan, if that's gone, maybe the knives--and so on. But really anything would have been a great addition. 

Most of the big-ticket items were gone by the time my ticket was drawn, but I circled the cart and spotted a french press. Bodum, double-walled, 32-oz french press. Original price, $90. 

Well, if I couldn't have something I absolutely needed, I thought this was a pretty usable luxury item. I would never have bought a $90 french press. EVER.

Jessi and I, and other friends, have shared much over cups of hot french press coffee, Stumptown or Tony's or Katz, a local favorite, and it's one of the items we use most.

A Windfall...something unexpected that has added joy to life. It reminds me to be grateful.


Jacob said…
My wife and I live off of our french press. It is simply the best way to make plain old joe.