A Linchpin Weekend

I've been absent from the blog, but inspired in the mind. Check out the Flickr Photos I posted from the Encaustic Painting workshop and retreat I attended at the Grunewald Guild last weekend. Shannon, who organized the retreat and who connected me to the whole thing through her blog, also had her husband Eric document the weekend with some beautiful Videography. See the Wax and Wane Video on vimeo...and watch me play with fire at about minute 1:50. For a snatch of life at the Grunewald Guild, catch a few of the other videos on the Vimeo channel. These are wonderful, hospitable, and simply gracious people and I hope to go back to the Guild someday.

In the meantime, I got some of the necessary tools to work on encaustic painting at home. The retreat was a chance to get my feet wet with a new technique...I'm now captivated by the possibilities of this sculptural, painterly, scientific process of painting with deliciously honey-scented natural beeswax. I feel like this medium is what I was looking for in all my dabbling experiments with Acrylic and Watercolors. I feel in some ways that I've come home to this beautiful and ancient method. 

As I drove away from the Guild through the breathtaking Cascades...it could have been the snow-and-black-pine-tree dominated landscape, but every scene looked like wax etchings. I've woken up since in the middle of the night with ideas I just had to put down in my sketchbook and I've never done that before. 

Inspired isn't the word for it. I'm in awe.