Fiction Friday: Goodbye Girl

No one knew where the money had come from except for Hazel, her attorney, and the bank teller who opened the checking account and deposited the check into it.

Hazel signed the paper for the new Debit account activation and handed it to the teller, who was tall and had short wavy hair and was wearing a bright blue sweater. Hazel liked the spot of color among the other professional grays, whites, and browns of the other tellers' clothes.

"I'll be going out of the country soon, with this account. Do I need to do any paperwork for that?" She asked the teller.

In the space where "countries traveling to" was the heading, she wrote in bold capital letters "WORLD TOUR--anything is possible". Beneath that, just to be safe, she listed the first 5 countries that came to mind.

-New Zealand

She thought about adding "Antarctica," but she didn't want to raise suspicion. The Teller raised her eyebrows and a delighted smile crossed her face.

"Sounds like quite a trip!"

"Yes, it does." said Hazel.

Her friend Jamie agreed to keep the cat for a year. After all, Ampersand was quite a young and appealing cat, just out of kittenhood. A prowling, playful, clean, and independent animal.

Hazel felt the slightest twinge of missing her pet as she handed Jamie the carrier and box of food, toys, and supplies. Jamie helped her pull the scratching post from the trunk and set it in the driveway. Jamie's eyes widened at the sight of a box of library-labeled travel books.

"Where are you going?"

"First?" said Hazel, "I thought I'd try Switzerland. Mountains sound nice. Mountains and snow and cheese and hot chocolate."