Greatly Troubled

Mary, did you fight? Did you wrestle
With the destiny you found? I know
You wondered, wandered and—
Eventually—accepted, even joyful.
At least most of the time.

That, I understand, but Mary did you
tangle with it every day, every moment
Wondering to understand,
Battling to be won
To that acceptance, so easily written.

Mary, were you restless 
under the burden of grace 
others called blessing, did you wish
For other blessings, if less great, 
still lovely in your eyes?

I'd like to think you understand,
Mother of God, this un-mother
Greatly troubled, who fights
To be won to joyful peace, 
like you--and not like you.


Donna Witek said…
I love this. It moved me to tears when I read it on Tuesday. Thank you for it.

And Merry Christmas! :)
jana.kaye said…
Merry Christmas, Donna!

Thank you for reading and understanding :-)