"You can't see the gusts
but listen, and sense me-
I'm the spice in the air,
the cool on your cheek,
a shift of the season,
a change in your weather.
Swing wide your window,
to hear what I'm saying
Like Mary who listened,
her heart thrown ajar."

--from the poem 'Wind and Window', by Luci Shaw

Autumn's kind of awakefulness is different than spring's. It feels more directed, I'm leaning into it. Perhaps it's because my birthday is in autumn that I need to review and refresh my direction, make new goals. Perhaps it's just the relic of the school-year timetable that seems to never quite go away.

Tragedy has racked Bellingham these last two weeks, and now during the sunny afternoons downtown, everyone seems more rested, as if they are remembering the time to breathe is now.