Open Doors

This is the painting that inspired the post a few weeks ago on Toning the Canvas. You'll get to see how it the final painting turned out at the end of next week.

It's actually 3 paintings, one on each panel of the door, which is one of 6 doors my sister and I have worked on together as a gift for my dear friend Luz's wedding to her husband Cole.

It was Luz's idea, actually, to have 6 pieces of artwork based on the Biblical days of Creation as set pieces for the wedding. She also wanted there to be an aspect of revealing each piece in order, to accompany a group reading that would follow scripture.

I've helped out with many weddings, been in a few wedding parties myself, moved enough picnic tables, cut enough cakes, poured enough punch and danced to Footloose enough for a lifetime, and while I'm sure this wedding was more than crazy for Luz, Cole, and many others who helped with the various details, it was completely worth it. When it all came together, it was lovely, intentional, joyful, and meaningful.

To make up for having disappeared for a week to recuperate, the next 6 posts will be on the doors and the story of our time making them.