Playlisting as a Substitute, too: Summer Edition

Chaos ensues as my sister and I pack up our Doors project and head out today for a weekend in Seattle for Cole and Luz: The Wedding.

This is my Summer Party playlist:

1. Burn Bridges—The Grates
2. Sound of Your Voice—Barenaked Ladies
3. This World has Nothing—Caemon’s Call
4. Let My Love Open the Door—Nick Flora
5. Roll Away Your Stone—Mumford and Sons
6. Livin’ on a Prayer—Bon Jovi
7. Strawberry Swing—Coldplay {live}
8. The High Road—Broken Bells
9. Moth’s Wings—Passion Pit
10. Fall Hard—The Shout Out Louds
11. Dear Sister, Your Brother—Talain Rayne
12. Kick Drum Heart—The Avett Brothers
13. I Think I Love You—The Guggenheim Grotto
14. Thieves—She & Him
15. Magpie to the Morning—Neko Case
16. The Late John Garfield Blues—Sara Watkins
17. Spanish Pipedream—The Avett Brothers
18. Awake My Soul—Mumford and Sons
19. These Thousand Hills—Third Day
20. The Day John Henry Died—Drive-by Truckers