Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dictionary of Sense and non-sense

"Playing "bop" is like playing Scrabble with all the vowels missing."
--Duke Ellington

In transferring a lot of old writing to my new computer, I came across some old writing, some of which was rather sneeze-worthy, but some of which was genuinely worth a rewrite. Among them, I found the remnant of a night playing speed scrabble at a coffee shop...actually, it became sort of a cross between speed scrabble and Balderdash, wherein if you could create a fascinating or entertaining definition for a nonsense word, you could count it into your score. We had such fun with it we wrote them down. Some are sans definition; suggestions are welcome.

Dictionary of Sense:

Jowdle: v. the movement made by facial flab while laughing or after sneezing.

Utoe: a foot deformity caused by excessive digging of the toes into sand or mud.

Utoner: a black, powdery medication created to correct the condition called Utoe.


Daireal: a dry-packaged cereal product made with powdered milk in the package, so that water may be added to create the effect of cereal and milk.

Yodagras: an festival celebration of the hairy-eared Jedi character from Star Wars. The festival is held annually in Ten Sleep, Wyoming and draws thousands of fans and participants wearing green ears and robes.

Kozsnifto: a sound made when snorting and sneezing at the same time.

Rempunsooling: a form of Scotch Wassailing, but held on the holiday of November 12, called Dumeave. From the Gaelic Rem-pun “to regale with puns” and soollen “in soaking woolen clothing.”

Carbivreen: a low-carb food supplement made from tofu, yogurt, and green vegetable blend

Dumeave: the holiday held on Nov. 12 in Scotland, celebrated by parades, fireworks, and the community pun-duels by contestants dressed in wet native woolen clothing, called Rempunsooling.





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