Jenna tagged me last week, so here is my "Eights" meme in lieu of a regular post:

8 things I'm looking forward to:
-Someday when I can enjoy cooking again.
-Someday when I live in my own place again.
-Finishing the Spurgeon project
-visiting friends this summer
-drinking french press with Sarah tomorrow morning
-summer: Mallard's Ice cream
-summer: Sunday Celtic night at Skylarks
-summer: Fairhaven outdoor theater

8 Things I Did Yesterday
-Took my favorite road home from work. I'm so happy my favorite road includes purple-tassled grasses and the sight of bald Eagles.
-read part of Stephen King's On Writing, courtesy of Sarah
-nearly cried in front of a friend for no apparent reason. It scared her.
-Watched a bit of Sense and Sensibility while cleaning my room
-Went imaginary-house shopping
-Went on a nice long walk at sunset
-Researched some more Spurgeon books at work...they turned out to be duplicates of duplicates.
-tried the new Pomegranate Green tea from The Spice Hut. Yum!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
-Travel the world
-Write as much poetry when I'm happy as when I'm not
-Be free from my fears
-Design cool things on the this blog! I'm dyslexic when it comes to design sans pencil.
-Never have to sleep. It steals too much free time. Or else sleep all the time. (I love sleep).
-Create a design/paint/writing studio with friends.
-Hear what my dog is thinking. Actually, that would be pretty boring, most likely. Although he was just looking at me very intelligently...Oh, he just wanted me to throw his ball. Ok.
-Know "what might have been" in a couple of situations.

8 shows I watch:
-Pushing Daisies (Canceled! Boo!)
-American Idol or, family sing-along time.
-Black Books (BBC)
-The Office
-Extras (HBO)
-NCIS (Christy hooked me)
-I really want to be a LOST-y, but I've never seen an episode.


L.L. Barkat said…
soon it will be 8 months since June... :)

Nice to meet you and to hear your thoughts on the InsideOut cover. I liked 4 too. Ah well.
Anonymous said…
If you're still interested in seeing lost, the first four seasons are up on hulu. It's suffered since some of the creative team left, but the first season in particular may still be worth some of your time.