One Thing Not to do on a Monday

I failed to transfer my posting genius to my work computer via google docs as I intended to do today, so you get stuck with a makeshift introduction to this week's theme!

"If I could only have one...."

It's Monday; ergo, things go wrong. One thing not to do (lest your Monday go even more wrong): Do not introduce your keyboard to a large glass of tea. (I don't use a mug for my tea. it gets cold too fast. ) I use one of those tall POM glasses, because my tea strainer fits perfectly in it, and since it's clear I can tell how long to steep.

Students of physics will understand this essential fact of nature, that law you may or may not remember from high school that says in principle, "a glass equal to or taller than its width will tip over twice as quickly and spill 4x the liquid in a direction equal to the thrust of its fall."

While attempting to file an invoice in my too-small desk file, I knocked the glass over onto my desk. It was alright--nothing really got ruined since the gushing Formosa Oolong was mostly absorbed by my ergonomic keyboard. It wasn't the greatest keyboard in the world (the previous employee who owned it was apparently a big eater.) It was always full of crumbs from before I inherited it. But it did not create a really irritating chinese language toolbar in the middle of my left hand monitor before today. And it didn't give me three letters for the price of one until this morning, either. I could probably kill the speed-typing record because every time I hit "B" I got pbgh. "N" produced n[ll. And M apparently installed the wierd Chinese toolbar I now cannot get rid of, and also sent an unfinished email to my entire department (the email was full of wacky alphabet characters I had been attempting to type). So I unplugged sad old crumby keyboard and dumped the tea out of it, also dislodging a mass of sticky junk. I pried off a few keys, attempted use in various stages of dryness, and tried plugging in an old, filthy dell keyboard I found in the supply room. Finally I went in shame to tech support and asked meekly for a new keyboard.

Anybody got a bright idea for a POM glass sippy cup lid? Or how to get rid of wierd Chinese Toolbar (it calls itself PinYin) thingy?


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sweet! that worked, thanks Jason!