If I could only have one...Week

This was a journaling assignment I used to like to give to my students when I taught English. We are so used to variety in our culture, that I always thought it was good to think about limitation. I used it as a segue into talking about word choice in writing. One student wrote about if he could only have one song on his ipod (“Green Onions” by Booker T. and the MG’s—a masterful choice.). Some of the other topics I remember:

If I could only wear one pair of shoes (Chuck Taylor All-Stars)

If I could only see one person’s face (edited to protect identity—I wouldn’t want a high-school crush recorded on the internet, either)

If I could only eat one thing all the time (In’n’out Burger)

If I could only shop at one store (Wal-mart)

The Wal-mart one was obviously practical, but it was great fun to see what they could come up with. I think I’ll try it myself.