Friday, January 19, 2007

Beginning and ending

For starters...I'm sitting here eating chicken noodle soup and listening to "When I fall in Love" by Celine Dion. No kidding, folks. (well, it is on the soundtrack to Sleepless in Seattle, so you have to put up with it in order to get the rest of the music).

and for the rest of the story, I discovered this great book. It's called Grave Matters, and it's basicall reprints of unique and interesting epitaphs from all over the world. here are a few that made me smile.


Here lie the remains of
JOHN HALL, grocer
The world is not worth a fig, and I have good raisins for saying so.

Dunmore, Ireland 1790


This one's rather clever...


What tho'enclosed in silent celle,
Grace for a space with worms may dwell,
This truth we find in sacred story,
Death cannot long keep Grace from Glory.

Atherton, England 1652



Reader, if cash thou are in want of any
Dig five-feet deep, and you will find a penny.

England c. 1750


this one's slightly shocking...


Warren Gibbs
Died by arsenic poisoning
Mar. 23, 1860

Think my friends when this you see
how my wife has done for me
she in some oysters did prepare
some poison for my lot and fare
then of the same I did partake
and Nature yielded to its fate
before she my wife became
Mary Felton was her name.

Pelham, Mass, 1860



Here lies the wife of Roger Martin
She was a good wife to Roger, that's sartin.

Ockham, England, c. 1800



Here lies the body of
wife of Major General Hamilton

Who was married forty-seven years
and never did ONE thing
To disoblige her husband.

London, England 1746

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