I am a member of the mass exodus

Xanga has been a very dear friend for years, and not the least of my favorite features has been my subscriptions, which date back to Wednesday, August 14, 2002, when due to the influence of a friend, I embarked on a blogging journey that took me through 5 years of regular writing and relating with my dear friends. Some practical jokes were played (never leave yourself logged in on the computer in your dorm room and then leave your dorm room unlocked when Jessi is in the vicinity), and jokes were had. I made it through the years of exhuberant commenting ( I think my record for an individual posting is 46), and Lord of the Rings-fests every christmas for three years. I'm going to give this a shot, as Nic's recent diatribe revealed so many new features here. As soon as I figure out how to find Nic on blogger and then figure out how to link his webaddress to his name, you can click on the link and read about the wondrous benefits of blogger. I will be double-posting to xanga, as I notice how fearfully echo-y those hallowed halls are becoming due to the exodus of such wonderful posters as Courtney, Nic, Justin, and others. Not to name names or point fingers.


Jacob said…
Another one bites the dust....
Xanga is becoming too much like myspace or xanga. Besides, Blogger just has a more mature feel to it. No hiddeous color schemes designed by jr. high kids complaining about how terrible their lives are, etc.

Welcome to your new home!
Thomas said…
Dear Jana,

Yes...it's pretty much flat out better. We may all wind up over here.

Hope you're doing well,


knic pfost said…

this is pretty much so great. very much obliged for the shout out.

if you still want the links, here they are.

I currently post on:

and I "ranted" on:

I'm officially subscribed to your new blog. good luck with the double posting. hopefully you won't have to do that for very long...
knic pfost said…
oops, it cut off that address...

here is is again, broken into two lines:

Or here's a link: rant
knic pfost said…
sorry to muddy the air in here, but i do want to be sure that you know how to "subscribe" to blogger accounts and xanga accounts in the same interface...if not, email me!

pfostpfilms AT gmail DAWT com
Jessica said…
Welcome to the Light Side. :-)